What once started with a stamp collection has grown to COMM; the renewed Museum for Communication.

Started in 1929 as the Nederlandsche Postmuseum. In 1989 the name changed to PTT Museum to do more justice to the collections and the connection with the PTT company.

From 1999 to the present, the Museum for Communication is called COMM.

In a beautiful, monumental part of COMM, you will find the large event room, a number of smaller meeting rooms and boardrooms.

COMM Club is the exclusive space where you as a club member can work, hold meetings or invite relations for consultation.

COMM Club is the place for business and social organizations, media and politics to come together and network.

The entourage is comfortable and welcoming, but also discreet with its own entrance. In collaboration with Perspekt Studios, SDB has certainly contributed to this beautiful space. in the club in the club