For more than 55 years, SDB Vitrinebouw is a market leader in display cabinets, showcases and information boards. Thanks to our unique combination of expertise and innovation, we can manufacture any cabinet in the quality that you desire. And the best part is that an SDB cabinet is made in the Netherlands.


The construction of display cabinets is all about expertise. After all, it’s the details—the visible and invisible ones—that make the difference. That is exactly what our cabinet builders guarantee, for more than 55 years. Each one of them is an enthusiastic expert, who is well trained (through our own training track) and masters our specialised equipment. The result: display cabinets where every detail radiates quality.



Our drive for perfection has led to a unique method of working and numerous innovative solutions. For example, we only use our own profiles, connecters and closures. As a result, we can manufacture every cabinet according to customised measurements. And what do you think of our patented blind assembly systems and three-dimensional mitred bonded glass plates? These are the details that make the difference.

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Display cabinets, showcases and information boards

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